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Specialized Therapeutic Community Based Homes

Our Specialized Therapeutic Community Based Homes provide growth and development through assessment, treatment planning and therapeutic services. Individuals are offered a wide range of programs and services to prepare them for safe and positive interaction in a community enviroment. Homes are behavior specific.  Our highly skilled, multidisciplinary team is trained in safe and positive approach techniques. They provide a high degree of support and clinical intervention in a home like setting to motivate each person towards independence skill sets while still providing 24hour supervision.

Sex Offender Program

Our Sexual Offender Program is a series of therapeutic activities aimed at working with offenders to reduce and modify sexually inappropriate thoughts and behaviors. Individuals are assessed before to determine best practices for their needs and upon completion of the program, to validate the interventions utilized. Our Clinicians provide therapeutic interventions designed to meet the mental health needs of sexual offenders, and reduce the likelihood of reoffending.

Group/Individual Therapy

One of the most important types of counseling is group therapy. Fellow individuals in the program get together under the supervision of a therapist to discuss issues relevant to the mental health needs of a sexual offender. It is a chance to share stories with one another and offer suggestions as to how each person can achieve the ability to recognize risk factors that lead to inappropriate sexual thoughts and behaviors.

Individual therapy sessions have the individual meeting one-on-one with their counselor in a private setting. During these sessions, the therapist and patient explore the reasons why the individual has these inappropriate thoughts and behaviors. By identifying these triggers and how the person responds to them, the therapist can