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Family first

Paradigm, Inc. has served the families and children in the Nebraska CFS Southeast Service Area since 2012 and with the Nebraska Family Collaborative in the Omaha area starting in 2015. We offer Intensive Family Preservation, Family Support, and Supervised Visitation services. Paradigm understands you have a choice in service providers. Our staff are trained to provide effective interventions focused on the outcomes of Safety, Permanency and Child Well-being, using the Family-Centered Approach that we have pioneered using the CARES Model. Our team is ready to collaborate with you on ensuring that the SDM®’s Family Strengths and Needs and the family’s Case Plan drive our services and outcomes. We believe that our unique approach to critically analyze each case will guide decisions based on efficient and effective service delivery leading to case closure. Family Services must be grounded in evidenced-based practices. We begin with Family-Centered Practice Principles for all of our programs. Our Intensive Family Preservation and Family Support services are based on concepts from Homebuilders®, Building Skills in High Risk Families, and the Nurturing Parenting models. Supervised Visitation uses the Florida Supervised Visitation Model. We train all of our workers in four principle skill areas to gain knowledge and understanding in effecting change and communication with families. Through Partnering, Listening, Focusing, and Resolution, our goal is to engage and involve families as we focus on the common goal of safety and help the family move forward. We also feel that you will find our staff enthusiastic, passionate, and qualified. They are excited and motivated to begin working with you and children and families through providing quality services.

Mental Health Supported Living (Spring 2018)

We will provide the very best standard care available in a comfortable semi-private room with three delicious meals and snacks each day, activities and special events, and medication management. In addition, we can also provide any other needs of daily living including assistance with bathing, hygiene, and more, depending upon your requirements. Certified staff is available 24-hours a day to provide the best care possible. We will do our best to maintain your quality of life and lifestyle, and to keep you in the least-restrictive environment possible.

Alzheimer’s Assisted Living (Summer 2018)

Alzheimer's aggression is one of the main reasons most people put their family member in some type of home. However, Alzheimer's aggression is fairly common among Alzheimer's patients. Fortunately, with well-trained professionals, new medications, and coping methods we can help. Life at DASH brings an opportunity to live life to its fullest, under the care and consideration of those with training and experience to offer kind and compassionate assistance as required. Our Program is deeply rooted in a person-centered approach focused on creating feelings of belonging and purpose for each individual. We believe that no one should be defined by the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Maintaining identity and a strong sense of self comes from living a life filled with meaning and purpose and contributions.